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We are the app production division of SBLMNL Scotland Ltd providing app development for all major mobile Operating Systems.


  • Resorts in your pocket iRide features piste maps and contact, social and weather data from the world’s best resorts… https://t.co/QEcw1XGEuY

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  • New marketing graphics designed for in-house app project, iRide - a revolutionary new ski and snowboard mobile app… https://t.co/cACOn3dzdm

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  • New SBLMNL website now live at https://t.co/o0XaZCEyzg featuring case studies of our most recent App and Responsive… https://t.co/Cp561ahWXT

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  • We Are Connected. News release dropping soon. https://t.co/X6qQGyNLNM

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  • New MSF website featuring SBLMNL-produced promo video and live safety feeds populating the iOS and Android app | https://t.co/06nI0sMN31

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App Development Key Facts

Confused by all this mobile jibber-jabber? Allow us to shed some light . . .

The mere mobile phone has come a very long way in a very short time.  Long gone are the days when mobile phones were just devices to make phone calls and send the occasional text. Now they are handheld computers with the processing power to send emails, play games, watch streaming video and live broadcasts and even make video calls. More commonly these modern-day powerhouses are known as ‘smartphones’.

Just like computers, modern smartphones rely on Operating Systems – Operating Systems that have introduced advanced functions to mobile phones that were previously only available on much larger, desk-based computers.

Functionality is one of the key selling points of smartphones. Most users already have their own preference from the major Operating Systems – based normally on usability, key functions and of course the availability of apps. With more than 400 million smartphones sold worldwide, it’s commonly the Operating Systems that dictates the choice of phone for most users. The OS defines what functions a phone can carry out and also how it manages its memory.

Apps differ from mobile-optimised websites because they are platform-specific software applications which run natively on the phone and rely on its processing power. Apps run using native code and can operate offline whereas mobile sites need a web connection. Apps rely on the phone’s Operating System to give higher performance and can be launched in a single step. Apps typically offer far greater functionality and complexity than can be offered by simple mobile-optimised websites. Furthermore, apps put your brand directly in front of your clients – typically right on their home screen, accessible just by clicking an icon.

So the key question is – do you really need an app or just a mobile-optimised website? That’s where we come in. As part of Deepbluemedia, we offer both and can advise you which is right for you. Better still, because we produce both, we can give you genuine, honest advice as to which is right for you. We have never mis-sold our products and will give you a free and accurate appraisal as to your needs.


Android OS is owned and produced by Google, powered by the Linux kernel. It is currently the world’s most popular phone OS vastly outselling all its rivals. Android’s exponential growth is primarily due to Google making it an open-source Operating System, meaning there are no restrictions over its use. This has resulted in a huge take-up by phone manufacturers (Samsung being the greatest proponent). It is a highly versatile, extremely powerful Operating System which offers superior multi-tasking and efficient use of processing power.


Apple iOS is a multi-touch, multi-tasking Operating System which runs Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS is owned entirely by Apple and only runs on Apple products – which, some would say, has severely limited its market penetration. However, speak to an iPhone user and its unlikely you will ever hear any complaints. Once Apple, you tend to stay Apple. And it would be hard to imagine the release of upgrades to any other Operating System causing so much hype.


Microsoft redesigned and released its latest version of the Windows platform for mobiles in late 2010. Windows OS came rather late to the mobile party and it could be argued it’s largely missed the boat already. The OS had a considerable overhaul, redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with a greater emphasis on the user experience. It is recognisable by its tile-based interface – dubbed Metro. Windows Phone is a powerful OS but it may yet prove its release came too late. However, a partnership with Nokia might yet redress that.


Other Operating Systems include Blackberry, Symbian, Ubuntu, Firefox and Tizen (amongst others). Ever heard of them? Possibly not. With the ubiquitous rise and rise of the ‘main two’, it’s hard to imagine any of these other OS’ will ever near the penetration of those above. In fact, rumours abound of Blackberry’s imminent demise – while Symbian (Nokia’s OS) has been ditched by the manufacturer on its flagship products in favour of Windows OS. Nokia now runs Symbian on its lower end handsets – again, rather marking the demise of yet another pretender to the OS throne.

Your smartphone is 7 million times more powerful than the computers that took man to the moon.  It was made to do more than play cat videos.

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Mobile usage stats

Firmly on the Apple iOS bandwagon? Think everyone uses Apple? Think again. Global mobile usage stats make for interesting reading. If you want real market penetration, Android and iOS really are the main contenders.


Android percentage users


 Apple iOS percentage users


 Windows percentage users


 Other percentage users

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Deepblue has been designing and deploying websites and apps for over ten years. This unrivalled wealth of experience has allowed us to streamline our service, simplifying and demystifying even the most complex projects.


We take time to learn about your company, your market and your eventual goals from the development.


Where the magic happens. A dedicated team of developers holes up in the lab for a few weeks producing your project.


After rigorous testing, we send your production live to your clients. Time to sit back and accept the plaudits.

Our Work

Details of our most recent projects are featured below.



  • Type: App
  • OS: Android / iOS

Agrovista has been established for more than 60 years as the leading supplier of agronomy advice and crop protection products offering quality advice within the agriculture and agronomy marketplace.

Agrovista commissioned Deepbluemedia to produce an interactive app which gives comprehensive advice to its clients – including embedded crop calculation algorithms, news updates, store locator and full company contact details. The app was produced in both iOS and Android formats and, due to overwhelming success, version 2 is already in production.

Download the iOS app here Download the Android app here


  • Type: App
  • OS: Android / iOS

CSL is a subsea oil and gas company with offices around the world that specialises in inproving an organisation’s performance and competitive advantage through more effective and efficient project management and control.

CSL commissioned Deepbluemedia to produce an interactive vacancies app advertising various positions within the company to a global audience. The app was produced in both iOS and Android formats and featured a jobs notification system to alert users to new vacancies.


Kincardine and Mearns

Kincardine and Mearns

  • Type: App
  • OS: Android

Kincardine and Mearns commissioned us for the production of a new app for children in the area to find out about various events, clubs and activities in the area.  The app is fully CMS-driven allowing new posts to be added and easily disseminated to children in the community.

Harris Caprock

Harris Caprock

  • Type: App
  • OS: Android

Harris Caprock commissioned us for the production of a new app to advise clients of the availability of their service availability around the world.

The app is currently in production and will be released soon.

As part of Deepbluemedia, we’re involved in a variety of other web, multimedia and 3D projects. Click here to see more of our work

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Harris Caprock
Kincardine and Mearns


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